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“The Avantgarde doesn’t give up” af Elina Brotherus

1. oktober 2020 - 31. oktober 2020

“Operating by the feminist credo ‘the personal is (also) the political’, Brotherus both critiques and admires past eras. Consequently, her work becomes a continuation and modulation of previous avantgarde movements such as Fluxus and Dada. This is evident in the exhibition’s title work from 2019 which references Asger Jorn’s disfiguration from 1962 in which he painted a moustache on an existing painting of a little girl. The work by Jorn was itself a reference to a well-known Marcel Duchamp work from 1919 where a postcard of Mona Lisa was equipped with a beard.”

Kilde: Martin Asbæk Galleri i uddrag.

Du kan se udstillingen i 3D her:


1. oktober 2020
31. oktober 2020
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