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In pursuit of identity: Five different perspectives on staging and framing identity

4. juni 2021 - 24. juni 2021

© Ole Christiansen


Ole Christiansen, Tune Andersen, Arianna De Romano, Lotta Van Droom, Magnus Cederlund


In pursuit of identity: Five different perspectives on staging and framing identity

Identity is a new concept; especially connected to modern societies, where we have been given the freedom – and thus the compulsion – to define our own identity and to realize ourselves. Unlike in the old days, we are not from birth assured an identity, which we retain throughout our lives. Consequently creating a unique identity has become more important than ever, and we are ‘forced’ to create an identity, mostly alone.

However, we also create our identity in the interaction with other human beings – not least in the interaction with a photographer. Not least, the visual creation of identity has become more and more prevalent, and thus more and more important.

In this exhibition, five photographers present five very different perspectives of framing human identity. The five photographers are each framing their quite different versions of what human identity is, or could be. One could call it a ‘visual photographic identity framing’.

Questions to contemplate:

What is identity?

Is identity determined by your sex, age, religion skin color, what work you have, how you look, or something else?

How is identity created and who is creating it?

What are the thoughts behind the creation of the individual photography, and what is the identity of the person portrayed?

Why is it that almost everyone today wants to be unique, but at the same time, almost everybody looks the same and do the same things, is it because nobody dares to be different, i.e. unique?



Thursdays: 13-17
Fridays: 13-17
Saturdays: 12-14



4. juni 2021
24. juni 2021
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