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Food with meaning by Jens Honore – Junk Food

3. juni 2021 - 13. juni 2021

Olympus 35 RD

The opportunity arose when Jens Honore approached project Junkfood with an offer to spread our message. He has lived in New York for 15 years and has now come to Denmark and wonders what is going on in the welfare state of Denmark. Junkfood delivers 300 hot meals to shelters every day. Food is the most harm-reducing measure one can take. Food reduces violence and conflicts and police emergency reports confirm this in a study which shows that in a four-month period where we have delivered food, the number of emergency calls has fallen to almost half compared to the year before where no food was delivered. The homeless people get a sense of normality when they get food every single day. At the exhibition, one can listen to the people of the stories of the homeless people about what food means to them. When they got their best meal, what’s their favorite, what it’s like to go hungry to bed and the dignity of having access to a hot meal.

Rasmus Munk for Alchemist will be present and photographer Jens Honore. In addition, we include the people of the street in food extradition.

Kilde: Copenhagen Photo Festival


3. juni 2021
13. juni 2021
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